DC Series

High-Speed, Fine Finish Profile Milling Machines

DC Series

The ultimate die / mold milling machines

Super rigid design and construction coupled with high-speed, high precision spindles makes the DC Series the preferred choice for demanding die and mold applications. These machines handle a wide range of cutting demands from roughing to super-fine finish machining. In fact, the DC Series is world renowned for providing the smoothest and cleanest automotive die surfaces.

With state-of-the-art CNC controls and a wide selection of available software and attachment options, the DC 5-Axis Series epitomizes SNK’s commitment to be at the forefront in offering high-speed high precision and high productivity milling machines for the die production market.

  • Durables rigid design
    -stands up to extended, high-speed operations
  • Massive 430mm x 430mm square ram and large diameter curvic coupling
    -allows for powerful machining with vertical spindle adapter
  • Versatile spindle supported by large diameter cylindrical bearings
    -makes plunge cuts possible and withstands large helical loads
    -perform all operations from preparatory operations to final finishes without changing workpiece set-up
  • Linear guideays
    -provide high-speed, high-precision X,Y and Z axes movements
  • Feedrate Smoothing Function
    -allows improved machined surface quality and reduced machining time

DC Series Specifications