HSP-B Series

High-Speed 5-Axis Profilers

HPS-B Series

Time-tested proven performance

These surprisingly compact 5-axis profilers are designed for high-speed machining of medium to large sized aluminum aircraft components. Spindleheads provide both high speed and power while generous A & C rotary axes allow for a wide range of 5-axis machining. The horizontal design provides unrivaled chip evacuation and promotes longer tool life. Tilting table enables highly efficient machining and simplifies loading and unloading.

  • Optimized axis-feed machine structure
    -makes high feedrates possible
  • Features two wider-range rotary axes (A-axis: +/- 90°, C-axis: continuous rotation)
    -allows for diverse 3D contour machining and reduces rewinding time
  • Automatic Pallet Changer (option)
    -minimizes machine stop time contributing to enhanced productivity
  • Tilting Table Mechanism
    -chip removal efficiency is increased in the upright position
  • Fully enclosed splash guard
    -provides clean environment and ensures worker safety

HPS-B Series Specifications